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»  Our mission is to deliver fast, secure and cheap money transfers! - The service is aimed at individuals over 18 years.
All money transfers are screened and processed in RIAs IT systems in accordance with current regulations to meet European's banking regulations with the law. Please pay the amount you want to send to RIAs Nordea bank account number 4104-1302815 as soon as possible. Do not forget write your customer number as a reference for the payment. When your transmission reaches RIAs bank, released the transaction provided no compliance issue occurred. Volandoresor have an obligation to work only with registered customers.
All employees are trained and work hard to ensure that your well-earned money reaches your family and friends, no matter where in the world they are. Try us!

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Read Göteborg postal article on sending money abroad. Also read their Guide to sending money abroad! What do our customers think?  It is important for us to know what our customer think about the service - so feel free to contact us if there is anything you think could be improved.

Spanish speaking countries and our main partners
You Send Our Price Moneygram Western Union
1000 SEK 70 SEK 110 SEK 190 SEK
Promotion for Latin America Our Price Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala
Up to 1000 SEK 50 SEK Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay & Venezuela
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By clicking ”Send Payment order” you give your consent to the execution of the transaction according to the terms and conditions below.
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full terms and conditions of money transfer service online!
I hereby authorize Volandoresor may make inquiries as deemed necessary in case of legal control, and also confirm that I have personally sent a copy of my identification document for verification of my information.
Any incomplete or false information may delay the processing time of the payment order. All transactions follow a strict and rigorous procedure in operational, technical and legal, in accordance with current regulations in order to meet European banking regulations and to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing.
We reserve the right to prevent and detect all forms of criminal or unauthorized activity.  It is forbidden to copy, misuse or infringement may result in severe civil and criminal penalties and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under the law.
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To maintain security, the IP-address and all existing transactions will be recorded. An IP-address is a unique number used to identify your computer to other servers or computers that are connected to the Internet.
g  This website is protected with the highest level of security. We are proud of our money transfer service online and in case you regret your payment order, we will pay of course your money back including service fee - read again our full terms and conditions .

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